For Your Consideration: Nic Nassuet’s ‘Eleutherios’ On The Ballot For 58th Annual Grammy Awards

The 58th Annual Grammy Awards, to be held on February 15, 2016, is preparing Academy members to cast their ballots. Nic Nassuet, a critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and rocker, will be on that ballot in numerous categories. ‘Eleutherios,’ his studio effort that was released in April of this year, houses a dynamic collection of sounds drawing inspiration from folk, acoustic, Gothic, and other genres. Thus, the album has been lauded for its immensely creative direction, lyrical prowess, and instrumental tact.

"Nassuet is able to put a definable face on the Gothic Rock genre for anyone who either had no idea what it was or had prior predispositions. Eerily charming, soft and silky, yet powerful and dark, Nassuet’s work would fit in perfectly in a video game the likes of “Castlevania” or “Silent Hill.” - Review Fix

Music from ‘Eleutherios’ is eligible for nomination in the following categories with the following songs:

  • ‘The Nothing’ - Eligible For Several Categories:

○     Best Rock Performance

○     Best American Roots Performance

  • ‘Eleutherios’ (Album) -Eligible For Several Categories:

○     Album Of The Year

○     Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical | Producer: Josh Riccio

○     Engineered Album, Non-Classical

○     Rock Album

  • Best New Artist
  • ‘Immured’ - Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals
  • ‘When It Falls’ - Eligible For Several Categories:

○     Record Of The Year

○     Best Rock Performance

○     Best Rock Song

  • ‘She Rides Moonlight’ - Eligible For Several Categories:

○     Song Of The Year

○     American Roots Song


"If Edgar Allen Poe was in a band, he’d be in one with Nic Nassuet."- Review Fix

‘Eleutherios’ has garnered Nassuet incredible attention in the independent scene, drawing dozens of critics to hail the record as a triumph of originality and passion. Nassuet has been coined the ‘King of Gothic Folk’ by Scallywag Magazine, and the title is an apt one. The sonic intricacies of his beautifully-dense atmospheres are genre-defying, and as a result, Nassuet’s music has become a hit on both American and Canadian FM radio and worldwide digital stations.

The award winning singer songwriter’s rise to prominence in the independent community has been a long time coming ever since his debut on the stage, where he initially got to stretch his vocal chops. Soon, though, Nassuet pioneered a style of his own, combining vibrant, dramatic performances with a myriad of influences. Everything from traditional Celtic music to grunge, folk, punk, and blues makes of Nassuet’s unique sound.

"Yes, this record will appeal to those disciples of Goth, punk, and horror rock, but it will also appeal to fans of folk, Celtic, grunge, punk, and neofolk music. Violins, mandolins, and cellos are not the typical instrumentation of goth rock... but this record is not typical in any sense of the word." - Indie Habit

"Perhaps the most impressive part of She Rides Moonlight has to be the vocal range expressed by Nic; from lows to highs, the Jim Morrison meets Geoff Tate aural finesse will stick with listeners long after the track ceases."NeuFutur Magazine

Those compelled to listen to the album in its entirety can find it on BandCamp, which can be found below. Nassuet’s website also houses reviews, biographical information, photos, interviews, and more. ‘Eleutherios’ is a record of majestically compelling proportions, thus concreting its place thirteen times on this year’s ballot and Nassuet's place in the music industry.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE ENTIRE ALBUM, AND INDIVIDUAL TRACKS, FOR FREE:  https://nicnassuet.bandcamp.com/album/eleutherios-2


Nic Nassuet is an award winning singer/songwriter who lives and works in Hollywood, California.  He combines violins, guitars, acoustic bass, and howling vocals to craft genre defying works of art.

Please take your time on our site; get updates at the blog below, read lyrics, and see if you are in any of the pictures from live shows!  Make sure to check back often since updates are frequent, and news comes quickly.

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Nic's Notes

So far, so good! 

We finally got all five singles released from the new album, and a definite release date in late April.

We also won the local division of the Veterans Creative Arts competition in the following categories; Best Vocalist - Rock, Best Vocalist - Folk, and Best original song.  Now the music goes onto the national competition - fingers crossed!

Free concert at the State Social House on Sunset Strip on April 29th to celebrate the release of our full album Eleutherios!  Don't miss it!  We have an amazing lineup of super talented musicians who will join us at this show to fill in the violin and string sections.  This is going to be awesome!


Very excited to announce that "The Nothing" won an award for Best Folk/Alternative Rock song!

More exciting things are happening 

"Congratulations, and welcome the membership in the Recording Academy (Grammys Academy)" - that's what we woke up to Monday morning.  Very excited to participate in the Grammys process this time around, and honored to be a member of the academy.

We also got word that in addition to the dozens of FM and digital stations in the US, Canada, and the Philippines that are already playing our music, 16 new FM stations in the US are putting "Immured" into rotation around the country, with many more to follow!

From Hollywood to... Nashville? 

Super excited!  We have confirmed that we will be going to Nashville in a couple of months for meetings with major label A&R reps as well as tour managers to discuss possibilities in the US and overseas!

In other news, look for the new single "Initiation" on Dirtshack records in the coming weeks, and the new LP "Eleutherious" in April!


Our December shows were SPECTACULAR! Awesome venues and so many wonderful music lovers!

We're taking a few months off to finish the LP, then we'll be back on the road to support it.

In other great news, I was signed to Dirtshack Records and will be releasing new material through that label in the coming months.


We are performing with Many of Odd Nature at the world famous Hollywood Magic Castle.  If you got tickets, we will see you there!  If you didn't get tickets, then I won't see you there because we are SOLD OUT!


The show at Universal Bar and Grill on Nov 15th was a great success.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

Halloween show! 

That was an amazing show at PAN art gallery in DTLA!  Such amazing music, and such a responsive audience!  Thanks to all who made it a great night!

More great news! 

The out of state show in Kansas was a great success!  Thanks to everyone who came out.  The show at State Social house and the single release party at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip were both fantastic!  Thanks to all who came out and had fun with us.

We are working a few contacts in Mexico for some international dates, as well as playing several shows in, and around, the Hollywood area in November and December, so stay tuned for details!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the house of blues! We rocked it so hard that they invited us back this month.

We were also asked to play on Oct 2nd on Sunset at the State Social House, and we have a couple of non-US dates to announce soon.

Hope to see you on the 2nd!


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